For Our New Home and Our Endowment


Project Overview

In our present location for the past 25 years, North Valley Food Bank has made excellent use of every square inch of space at 311 East First Street.  But it has outgrown its current location.  Whitefish needs a new home for its food bank – one that efficiently and effectively helps those in need in our community and is designed to take North Valley Food into the future:

  • Enlarged meat processing center
  • More efficient & safe meat room storage
  • A commercial meat grinder
  • Safer parking and food pick-up
  • Storage for buying food by the pallet rather than by the pound
  • Enlarged food preparation area to sort through vegetables and repackage food items
  • More freezer and cooler capacity
  • Multi-purpose kitchen for education, cooking and food preservation
  • A larger, private  business office   

Here is the YouTube link for the new building video:

A private office is especially important when a family or individual comes in for the first time.  By sitting down in a friendly, confidential atmosphere, volunteers can put clients at ease and answer any concerns they may have.  During this period of high unemployment, office staff are seeing families that have never had to ask for help of any kind.  It can feel very humbling and sometimes embarrassing. Volunteers want to put everyone at ease and help them understand that they are cared about.

  •  Care for hungry = food.  
  • Hunger = inadequate resources, namely income. 
  • Working poor = fastest growing social group.
  • You do not need to be unemployed to receive help from NVFB.
  • It is not a shame to be in need due to circumstances beyond their control.
  • It is a shame to be unaware that help is available.