North Valley Food Bank Has Come A Long Way

North Valley Food Bank has come a long way toward their dream of a new food bank building.  Ground was broken on May 10th and as you can see, in spite of a bit of rain, the walls are up and the cement is due to be poured on Tuesday, July 2nd.  We are using a Logix system in which the foam forms are used to put up the exterior walls, cement is poured into the foam forms and the foam remains. The end result is a strong exterior wall with excellent insulating factors.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Once the walls are poured, the floors will follow approximately 10 days later.  We hope to have our building completely enclosed by mid August.  This “green” modular building system not only goes up quickly but will allow the food bank to consume less energy keeping our utility costs lower.  The exterior of our building will be attractively “dressed” as it is completed.

Our client families may not notice all the improvements in their food bank, but they will  enter a welcoming more open reception space.  They will no longer come in the same door food boxes are taken out.  They will no longer need to cross a busy street to unload their supplies into their vehicles.  “Behind the scenes”, our volunteers will have larger food prep areas with lots of shelving and work surfaces.  By bringing food stuffs together in one location, inventory and food box planning will be more efficient.

When you drive down Baker Avenue look up the hill, just below our Emergency Services Center and you will see the great start to our new home.
Fundraising continues.  Please call 862-5863.  Or donate using our Paypal option on our website.

Thank you to ALL!