North Valley Food Bank Holds Groundbreaking for New Facility

 June Munski-Feenan inspects donations as they are weighed at the North Valley Food Bank in Whitefish.

 – File photo by Lido Vizzutti | Flathead Beacon
By Myers Reece, 05-12-13

The North Valley Food Bank has come a long way since 1977 when it started up in June Munski-Feenan’s garage, adapting and expanding along with the community it serves. Now it needs a new home, and it’s getting one that will make Munski-Feenan proud.

After moving out of Munski-Feenan’s garage in its infancy, the North Valley Food Bank has been in its current location on East First Street since 1985. While the facility has ably served the community, it is no longer large enough to accommodate the needs of a growing population base, even after multiple additions over the years.

The food bank purchased a piece of property at Baker Commons in the fall of 2011 and launched a fundraising campaign to build a new facility. In an illustration of the campaign’s success so far, a groundbreaking ceremony was held on May 10 at the Flathead Avenue site where the new distribution center will be built, near The Wave fitness center.

Munski-Feenan, the food bank’s 85-year-old founder, hopes to see the building finished this year. The 4,800-square-foot facility will be a substantial upgrade in terms of both space and amenities. She says Whitefish has treated so many people in its community so well, and she’s thankful to see attention turning to those in need.

“We’ve got everything for the rest of us – now it’s time to spend some money on the people who don’t have much,” Munski-Feenan said. “They’re probably not able to go to The Wave and or go ice skating because they can’t afford it. But they’ll have this.”

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