Request for Donations

The past 6 months in our beautiful new food bank have been very busy, very exciting-lots of idea exchange, but I worry.

I sincerely hope that when our longtime donors look up the hill at our new building, they don’t find themselves thinking-‘what do they need my $20.00 donation for?’

North Valley Food Bank does and will for the foreseeable future need your donations, whatever you can afford.

There are two stories that I’d like to share.

          1. At the start of my work life I was a “girl Friday” for the branch office of a savings and loan-I handled many different accounts, some large, some small-most medium sized.  When I think back to that time, the customer I remember the most was a woman, who without fail, came in the first of every month to deposit $10.00-she never made a withdrawal the entire time I worked in that office and her account balance was-memorable!
          2. Long before they started digging the foundation for our wonderful health club, The Wave, my family and I were up at Whitefish Mountain Resort for a craft fair.  It was a priceless hot August afternoon.  During my wandering I notice a man sitting at a table, all by himself- no hat, no umbrella and I thought I recognized him.  I walked up and it was extra ordinary Whitefish benefactor, John Kramer.  We visited for a few minutes and I asked him what was up-he told me he was raising money to build our new health club.  Those of you who know John know that his dedication is impossible to walk away from-I dug deep in my jean pocket and produced a $20.00 bill.  He kindly thanked me and I remember walking away and thinking it was going to take a lot of $20.’s to build the dream facility that was planned.  The Wave is well into its third major remodel-my $20.00 may well have been the best investment I ever made!

So my point-please, whatever you can afford is extremely important to organizations such as ours.

The support of the community of Whitefish enabled us to build what may well be the most beautiful food bank anywhere, but our focus, our mission, remains to support our neighbors who need supplemental food.

Please help us continue to do that.

Thank you!  Phyllis Garlitz, Volunteer

Every Little Bit Helps - North Valley Food Bank